Penny Scavo
Penny Scavo
General Information
Marital status:
Lynette Scavo (mother)
Tom Scavo (father)
Preston Scavo (brother)
Parker Scavo (brother)
Porter Scavo (brother)
Kayla Huntington (half‑sister)
unnamed baby sister
Rodney Scavo (grandfather)
Allison Scavo (grandmother)
Stella Wingfield (grandmother)
Lydia Lindquist (aunt)
Lucy Lindquist (aunt)
Series Information
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6
First appearance:
Kirstin Pinkerton (S1S4)
Kendall Applegate (S5 – S6) Dacry Rose Bynns season 7

Penny Lynn Scavo is portrayed by Kirstin Pinkerton in the first four seasons and by Kendall Applegate from season five to six.


Penny Lynn Scavo is Tom and Lynette Scavo's oldest biological daughter together. In Season Five, she is taken to soccer practice by her older brother, Parker. Penny was angry that her parents forgot her birthday because they were busy preparing for their unborn son. Penny ran away and checked into a hotel. Lynette showed up and talked to Penny, telling her that having a girl was a good thing because they were catching up to the boys. Lynette and Penny stay the night to bond before returning home to the boys. Her older brother returns home from Europe with a Russian woman, Irina. Lynette gives Irina a fake of her Nana's ring because she doesn't trust her with the real one. Irina gives the ring back, pretending that she was being a good person and told her to give it to Penny when she was old enough.


  • Penny was the first of the Scavo's to come out of Karen McCluskey's house after the tornado.
  • At the end of season 1, episode 2, Mike's map showed Penny's name to be Daisy
  • Penny's birthday is September 1st
  • Kendall Applegate is not returning in Season Seven.

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