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is the #1 dedicated wiki that any Desperate Fan can edit about the hit ABC comedy-drama, Desperate Housewives, including the Housewives, cast, crew, episodes, and more!

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Susan Delfino S7

Susan's best quality is also the one that gets her into the most trouble: her huge, open heart. Vivacious, smart, and warm, Susan has a habit of opening herself too easily and seeing the best in everyone, even when her judgement tells her otherwise.

Susan is a former children's book writer and illustrator but takes a job as an art teacher's assistant at a private elementary school in the fifth season of the series. She has been married four times—twice to Karl Mayer and twice to Mike Delfino—and has two children, Julie Mayer and M.J. Delfino. (more)...

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Rain is falling on Wisteria Lane when we catch up with the ladies six months later. A baby on the way and her marriage on the rocks, Gabrielle finds herself with more than she can handle; Lynette tries to embrace her newly extended family, and Orson's mysterious past begins to unfold. Read more

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Here's a sneak peak of Paul Young's return to Wisteria Lane in "Remember Paul"


Are you looking forward to Vanessa Williams becoming the new housewife in Season 7?

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  • UFO Editor exclusively reports that 79-year-old actress Lois Smith has been cast as Allison Scavo, mother of Tom (Doug Savant) and mother-in-law of Lynette (Felicity Huffman).

    She will first appear i…

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    New Infobox

    July 23, 2010 by UFO Editor

    The new infobox is now ready for use! Its much more easier to read and easier to use. What does everybody else think? Better than the previous one?

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    New Wikia Buttons

    July 21, 2010 by UFO Editor

    Hi guys. Im back! And as Im back, I felt I needed to work on the look of the wiki before anything else. I've created some new buttons, as you'll see the "save page", "preview" "show changes" "create …

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Everyone Has A
Little Dirty Laundry...

...Especially the delectable divas who live on Wisteria Lane. The shocking suicide of fellow housewife and friend, Mary Alice Young left the neighborhood reeling. Now, Mary Alice watches the drama unfold...

With its darkly comedic take on suburban life and its unconventional heroines, Desperate Housewives has got the world buzzing!

Audiences have been captivated by ill-fated Susan, ever-perfect Bree, harried mother-of-four Lynette, the beautiful but unhappy Gabrielle, scandalous Edie and truly desperate Katherine.

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